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Top Priority: Patient Safety, 5 Different Safety Functions

  • Automatic Start/Stopp Function. The motor starts automatically when the file is inserted and stops when it is withdrawn.

  • Automatic Torque Reverse Function. The file stops and reverses if the torque exceeds the set torque. 11 torque levels can be adjusted

  • Auto Apical Reverse Function. The file stops and reverses when it reaches the end of the set working length thus avoiding over instrumentation and apex perforation.

  • Auto Apical Slow Down Function. The file slows down as it approaches the end of the set working length, sensuring safe and sure preparation in the critical apical area.

  • Auto Torque Slow Down Function. The file slows down as the torque approaches the set torque limit, minimizing file jamming and breakage.

DentaPort Root ZX module – used for root canal measurement

Current supply: 3 x DC 1.5 V AA Battery 0.2 VA

Display: LCD color display 

Dimensions (mm): W 105 x D 105 x H 115

Weight: 370 g

Regular Price: Rs 65,000.00

Special Price Rs 55,000.00

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DentaPort ZX II - For perfect endodontics

Unique module system that includes apex locator and handpieces for canal preparation as well as optional handpiece for light-curing functions. Several automatic control functions ensure safe and comfortable treatment.

  • High-Precision - by the ratio of 2 different frequencies
  • Up gradeable - you can start only with the Root ZX module, which can be upgraded to the canal enlargement functions 
  • Several automatic control functions 
  • Programmable

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